Sujon backs Hathurusingha's coaching philosophy

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Khaled Mahmud Sujon disagreed with the assertion that Chandika Hathurusingha is a "strict" coach as he believes the Tiger coach is an honest and 'good person' who is concise and disciplined with his work.
Hathurusingha's reappointment as Tiger coach created quite a stir in the Bangladesh cricket community. Despite all the negative remarks, Sujon stated that he's a disciplined coach with a strong mentality. 
“There was a clean dressing room during Hathurusingha's time. We always hear one thing in the media that he's a strict headmaster. I think he is not that strict. He's not what we assume. What I personally believe, is that you should not make comments behind your back instead be straightforward. This is the sign of a good person. I think Hathuru is a good person. He doesn't do back-biting," said Mahmud.

"If you ask a cricketer that 'I want this from you or I don't like this', I don't see it as bad. If that makes him a strict headmaster, then it's fine. But I think I have worked with many coaches in Bangladesh who says something in front and something else at the back. I will say one thing about Hathuru, I like the way how he works,"  he said.
Hathurusingha served the Bangladesh team from 2014-2017 in his first tenure. After the South Africa tour in 2017, he abruptly left the country before making a brief return to Bangladesh with the Sri Lankan team as its head coach.
"Shakib or Tamim... they are respected. They are senior cricketers, important cricketers of our team. Hathuru has always given all cricketers the respect that a cricketer should get," he said.

“I don't want to take it negatively. At that time, he himself was young. We had a situation where we couldn't win. We had to change a lot then. Now the situation is different. Hathuru is also very mature. I think, if we take it positively, everything will be fine, I don't think we will do bad under his coaching," he added.