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Women World Cup

Tigresses target WI scalp after Pakistan victory



ছবি : ICC

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Bangladesh women ranked a spot higher than the West Indies in the ICC ODI Rankings and are likely to be on a high in their upcoming clash after recording their first-ever World Cup win in their last match over Pakistan.

However, captain Nigar Sultana said, they have forgotten about the previous match. Now the whole focus is against the West Indies.

Tigresses’ captain said in a press conference on the eve of the match that not competing with West Indies before could be a positive thing.

"I think it’s a positive side. They don't know us, we don't know anything about them. It can be an advantage. They don't know how we play. We will play with confidence in the place of our strength. That's the way to plan,” Nigar said.

About Pakistan's triumph, the captain said, that match is now past, they are looking towards the future. They don't want to think about the previous match anymore.

"The last match was great. The first victory in the World Cup was a great joy. We want to forget that match and move on. We want to take the achievements of the previous match and do the same in the next match” she added.

A win for Bangladesh would keep them in the hunt to pull off an unexpected qualification for the semi-final places, and the outcome of this match in Mount Maunganui may go a long way to determining the eventual make-up of the four qualifiers for the World Cup semi-finals.