Bangladesh vs Sri Lanka

BCB yet to know about bio-security plan from SLC


প্রকাশের তারিখ: 13:33 মঙ্গলবার, 08 সেপ্টেম্বর, 2020

|| CF Correspondent || 

Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) does not get to know yet from Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) about the overall situation of the tour which approach they will take for the touring side while they will go to visit the country for the Test series.

Bangladesh are slated to tour to the island nation in the last week of the current month though the BCB initially informed the media into their departure for the tour on September 23.

But it is learnt from the Sri Lankan media sources that the two boards have informally agreed Bangladesh will travel to the island nation on September 27. The SLC is yet to finalise the schedule and venues of the series.

Whatever the schedule and date were announced, Bangladesh’s visit to Sri Lanka will be divided into two parts. One will be informal whose expenses will be shouldered by Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB). But the SLC will bear all the expenses of the second part.

“We divide the upcoming Sri Lanka tour into two parts-informal and formal. The initial part of the Sri Lanka tour is informal. Sri Lanka will not give any support in this part. We have to purchase the full support of the initial part. We have to buy the bio-security bubbles in the period of time. But they will support us but we have to secure us by our own security plan,” BCB Chief Physician Dr Debashis Chowdhury said.

“But when the time of the formal tour will be started, they will bear all the expenses. We have to spend for the first part but we are waiting for what we will do after reaching there,” Chowdhury told

“We are yet to know what will be done. Will we remain in quarantine or be under isolation or performing a corona test after entering into the country?” he added.

He informed the media that they are not informed properly yet by the SLC about the overall tour situation.

“Look, we are a threat for them. We are going from a better situation to a worse situation. So they will seek to make sure that we are free? To make sure, they will seek to know what we’re yet to know,” he said.

“We have to know from them which thing they want to get from us there. So before going there we should know two things: what we should do and what we will do. We got a smattering idea about the overall matter. But we are yet to get any formal mail or letter,” he concluded.