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Mushfiqur issues legal notice against Ekattor TV

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প্রকাশের তারিখ: 14:09 শনিবার, 09 ডিসেম্বর, 2023

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Bangladesh cricketer Mushfiqur Rahim has lodged a complaint against a renowned media company Ekattor TV for publishing fake and invalid news about him.

During the first match of the Bangladesh-New Zealand Test series, a report titled "Smell of spot-fixing in Mirpur Test! Doubts on senior cricketer!" was centered on former Bangladesh cricket team captain Mushfiqur Rahim's for getting 'out obstructing the field'.

The report was broadcast on the Facebook page and YouTube of Ekattor TV's regular program Khelajog on December 6.

The report was based on the incident that occurred during the 41st over of the innings when Mushfiqur was batting on 35, defended a delivery from pacer Kyle Jamieson and then as the ball was going wide of the wickets he swatted it with his right hand even though it was not heading towards the wickets.

New Zealand team appealed for the dismissal immediately and the on-field umpires had a little chat before sending it upstairs to check for "obstructing the field".

The third umpire was satisfied that Mushfiq had stopped the ball deliberately and thus given out eventually.

Mushfiqur's lawyer Shihab Uddin Khan suited the notice to the Supreme Court and he demanded a settlement from the court within 48 hours.

  • The announcement has been made to remove false and distorted reports from YouTube and other platforms, as well as social media. Measures have been taken to actively eliminate and manage such misinformation.
  • Additionally, 71 Television has been asked to broadcast reports related to false and misleading information, along with an unconditional apology. They have been urged to publicly acknowledge and seek forgiveness for their misleading and erroneous reports.
  • 71 Television has been asked to release a public statement expressing unconditional regret for publishing misleading and false reports. They are also requested to refrain from disseminating such inaccurate information in the future.
  • Authorities of 71 Television has been asked to inform Mushfiqur Rahim in writing that the concerned reporter Saiful Rupak has been cautioned to avoid producing false and distorted reports in the future.

It has been mentioned in the notice that the publication of such a report on a well-known channel like Ekatar TV is unexpected, stating that the report was not carried out in accordance with the principles of journalism.

In the notice, the report mentions the offense of cyberbullying under Section 500 of the Penal Code, Offenses of Defamation and Cyber ​​Security Act, 2023 under Sections 25(1) (a), 25(2) and 29 of the Penal Code, and calls for legal action in criminal and civil courts for recovery of damages.