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Justin Langer

I don’t think I’ll coach again, says Langer



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Justin Langer has stated that he might never coach again after the abrupt exit from the Australian cricket team.

Langer resigned from his job in February 2022 after taking over the job after the infamous 2018 Papergate scandal that rocked Australian cricket.

“I don’t think I’ll coach again. No, I don’t think I’ll coach again. The craziness is – and it’s really strange in cricket – if you think about a lot of the other codes, the best coaches are a lot older. It doesn’t make sense in cricket," said Langer.

“I say I’m not going to coach again, but I reckon I’m 10 years off being the best coach I could be. I honestly reckon – because things don’t shock you, things don’t surprise you (the more experienced you get),”

The former Australia coach admitted that his exit was difficult to take and said that the tention that he was hated by the players and vice-versa, broke his heart. 

“The hardest thing about my last 12 months, and I say it hand on heart, was there was this narrative that I hated the players or the players hated me back. That literally broke my heart,” Langer said.

Langer, who was a highly-successful coach with Western Australia and the Perth Scorchers before taking the national job.

“Everything I’ve done for literally the whole time – when I was in Western Australia coaching the Scorchers, when I was with Phil Hughes when I first started and with Steve Smith, I came up with them as kids (when I was) an assistant coach (was because I loved the players)," 

“Some of the players may not have liked my style. I am serious, I can be intense. But they know how much I loved them and they loved me back," he added.