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Mashrafe blames ‘third party’ for Shakib-Tamim brawl



Photo: Mashrafe Bin Mortaza

|| CF DESK ||

Bangladesh former captain Mashrafe bin Mortaza shared his view on the recent saga between two star players of Bangladesh Tamim Iqbal and Shakib al Hasan and said ‘third party’ from outside started this chaos.

Mashrafe took to his social media platform Facebook and posted a video after analyzing the ongoing matters.

In a video posted on Tamim’s official Facebook account yesterday, he claimed a high-up of the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) offered him to bat down the order in Bangladesh's World Cup opening game against Afghanistan, after hearing that he got angry and opted out of World Cup.

Later that night Shakib said on local broadcasting channel T Sports that he saw nothing offensive in the proposal but denied his involvement in such request to Tamim.

All these started from a rumored news which said Tamim wanted to play ‘Five Games’ in the World Cup.

“Tamim will play five matches or choose to play five matches. This one word came out and both Tamim and Nannu Bhai said they didn’t know about it and Shakib says he heard. That means it was clear that Shakib didn't have any information either. It is not Shakib's fault, nor Tamim's, nor even Nannu Bhai's fault that so many things happened with five-match issue,” Mashrafe said.

“Here it is important to actually find the person or persons who spread this message in the media. Because if they knew about it that would’ve talked” he added.

The most successful captain also said current captain Shakib should have call Tamim personally and if that happened this matter wouldn’t come out to make a mess.

“As Shakib is the captain of the team, Shakib has said one thing yesterday that after managing things off the field, he has to take actions or decisions on the field. Here I think, Shakib has gone as the captain of Bangladesh team, the things that are happening, whether it is about playing the first match or about the batting order, Shakib himself could personally sent a message or called Tamim and I think this discussion would not have been born in the first place,

“If it had been negative in that moment, it would have been over between them. I think Shakib as the captain could have sent a message to Tamim or talked on the phone for a minute that said ‘I have this plan and will discuss it with you later.’ I think the whole thing would have been buried there,”

Mashrafe also told other players to learn from the incident and handle these kinds of things very carefully in the future.

“The issue about Shakib and Tamim was created for the third party. So it is proven again that the third party is really harmful. I just hope that in the future if there are any more discussions like this ever happen among the players, I hope it is a lesson for the players to discuss and resolve these issues by themselves.

“Along with this, I also hope that, such action should be taken from the cricket board that these players should solve their problems by themselves without discussing with the cricket board or outside.” Masharafe concluded.