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BPL 2023

Dutch bowler Meekeren shows disappointment with BPL’s ADRS



Photo: Paul Van Meekeren, BCB

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The lack of Hawk-eye ball tracking, snickometer, and DRS in the ninth edition of the BPL indicated a logistical failure. When BPL was unable to manage DRS, they attempted an Alternate Decision Review System based on a third umpire.

However, Netherlands bowler Paul Van Meekeren, who is playing for Khulna Tigers this season, was confused by the presence of a review system that was not the DRS.

In a dull game played in overcast conditions, Yasir Ali-led Khulna managed only 113 for eight as Dhaka Dominators bowlers took advantage of the conditions.

Dhaka started their chase of 114 with confidence, but the most dramatic moment came when all the players gathered around the umpires due to a leg-before decision given to Soumya Sarkar off spinner Nasum Ahmed. Gazi Sohel, the on-field umpire, raised his finger, and Soumya immediately reviewed the decision.

What happened next was questionable. Third-umpire David Millns saw nothing wrong with the on-field umpire's decision and upheld his original decision. Soumya, who had been thoroughly disappointed by this series of events, stood firm and refused to leave.

The ball appeared to have hit his gloves, according to the replays. The decision was reversed after the on-field umpire communicated with the third-umpire again, leaving Tamim Iqbal in the opposition perplexed and players crowding the umpire.

“Personally, I am not sure if you should have reviews if there is no proper system like Hawk-eye. But it is what it is," Meekeren said after yesterday’s match against Dhaka Dominators.

"I think it will provide more confusion than clarity if we use it the way we are doing so at the moment. I think we should respect the umpire's decision. But I was at long-on, so I don't know what was said or what was happening. But obviously, our guys were not happy because he (Soumya) is a dangerous player. But we had to move on,"

"I wasn't really aware we had a review system, and then when I watched the game last night there was a review for caught behind, but there was no snicko, it was just on the camera. So, especially for very thin edges, it's so hard if there is no technology. I am not in control of that," he added.