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Salahuddin: Quality of umpiring has improved in DPL



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Prime Bank head coach Mohammad Salahuddin believes the umpiring level of the Dhaka Premier League (DPL) has improved since the previous editions.

For many years, controversial decisions by on-field umpires have been a common part of the DPL, the country's premier 50-over game.

The DPL's current season has completed sixth round of matches. There was multiple numbers of poor on-field cases witnessed in the tournament.

However, coach Salahuddin stated the umpires are trying to put their best effort in the ongoing edition.

“Look, everyone has room for improvement. Players, coaches, and umpires all can improve. Still, I would say that the quality of umpiring is much better than in previous times. They are trying. If someone makes a mistake, it is better not to question it,” said Salahuddin.

“Umpires can make wrong decisions. I think the umpiring standard is much better than other times and they are trying. Since the umpires are trying their best, I think everyone should look at it differently,” he added.