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World Test Championship

ICC introduces new points system for WTC



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The points system has been changed for the second cycle by the regulating body. Unlike the previous cycle, where points for each Test were distributed based on the number of Tests in a series, which resulted in a total of 120 points for the entire series, the ICC has opted to award each match the same number of points, 12 for a win, 4 for a tie, and 6 for a tie.

Teams will be deducted point(s) for slow over-rate, 1 point for each over they fall behind. On this new system, ICC’s acting chief executive officer Geoff Allardice clarified the matter.  

“Instead of each series being worth the same number of points, 120, irrespective of whether the series is played over two Tests or five Tests, the next cycle will see each match being worth the same number of points – a maximum of 12 per match” Geoff said.

The ranking system will continue to remain as the percentage of points achieved for the points played for, which was the modification made in the previous cycle due to all teams not playing all matches owing to the pandemic.

“Teams will be ranked on the percentage of available points they won from the matches they have played. The aim was to try and simplify the points system and to allow teams to be meaningfully compared on the table at any point, though they may have played differing numbers of matches and series,” he added.

However, the second ICC World Test Championship, which will span from August 2021 to June 2023, will begin with a Test series between India and England.

Virat Kohli's team will face Joe Root's side in a five-match series beginning August 4, this is the only other series in this WTC cycle that will feature five Tests besides The Ashes 2021-22.