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Everyone will come out of this with six-packs





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|| CF Correspondent ||

Former South Africa skipper Faf Du Plessis joked that with everyone having time on their hand and not having much else to do but gym work during lockdown, it is more likely that the players will all develop six-packs.

Due to the enforced-lockdown all around the world, players have to stay at home to ensure their safety from the contagious virus.

"Luckily just before the lockdown started, I got some gym equipment and put it into my garage. So, I was joking the other day that all of our players, who are in lockdown, will come out of this with six-packs as they don't have anything else to do," he told Tamim Iqbal during a Facebook live session.

As the lockdown gives everyone enough time, Du Plessis feels that nobody can give any excuses of not being able to do any workout while at home. The biggest challenge for him, however, is to maintain mental health. Not everyone is able to deal with staying home in the same way. So, for him, making the mind happy should be the main priority.

"You don't have any excuse, you can't say no sorry I didn't have time, that's all we have right now. I don't know how you feel, I think the big thing for sportsmen also for all of the people out there, the biggest challenge is mentally how we are dealing with it, how we are getting through this. So, I have gone through periods where I felt that it's a tough day today but then you just do some work or go for a walk or whatever just to make sure that your mind is happy," Du Plessis said.

Du Plessis said that as his parents were good athletes, he is lucky on that aspect and is disciplined in training and keeping himself fit.

"I think I'm quite lucky that I'm blessed with some good genes. My parents were good athletes. So, I'm lucky in one aspect. But I'm also very disciplined in training. I do really enjoy doing little bits all the time. Just do a little workout every day," Du Plessis said.