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BCB national coaching staff guiding their charges- Akram





Photo: Photo - Cricfrenzy

|| CF Correspondent ||

The Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) is thinking to arrange enough practice matches and tours for the players to keep them ready for the match ahead if the Bangabandhu Dhaka Premier Division Cricket League (DPL) got shutdown finally for this season.

According to BCB cricket operations chairman Akram Khan, there is a possibility that the 50-over cricket tournament of the country would lose a season if the coronavirus situation continues for another three months.

 “Hopefully the pandemic will over very soon but if it continues for another three months, there is a possibility that the Dhaka Premier League won’t be held,” said Akram.

“The plan should revolve around how we can keep the players match ready since there is a chance that we can see a rush of international cricket,” he said.

Due to the government's unofficial shut down all across the country to terminate the spread of the virus, players are have been into lockdown at their home.

According to him, they are seeing a large number of crickets in the post-pandemic world, so the players need to prepare for those matches.