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Shakib in self isolation





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|| CF Correspondent ||


Bangladesh number one all rounder Shakib Al Hasan has been in to self isolation due to coronavirus pandemic after traveling to United States of America.

The coronavirus epidemic has taken shape into worldwide. Its effect has also spread in Bangladesh. So far, 24 people have been reported as infected, of which two died. The good news, however, is that three people have already recovered.

Cricketers are also campaigning to warn the people of Bangladesh. They are showing ways to prevent the outbreak by sending video messages from their personal social media account.

Shakib Al Hasan also tried to warn his fans about the situation.

"I just arrived in the United States. Although the fear has always worked a bit when I was in the plane. Still, I tried to find out how to keep myself safe from the germs. Then when I arrived in the United States, I headed straight to a hotel room. I have informed them, and told them that I will be here for a while and since I have came from a flight I have a bit of a risk. So I kept myself isolated. Because of that I didn't meet my baby. It's definitely hard for me," He said that by his Facebook fan page.

He also warned about how one can prevent himself from this nationwide disease,

"Hope everyone is well. The World Health Organization has called coronavirus as an epidemic. Bangladesh is not beyond that. ”

'You already have heard that many corona virus effected patients have  been found in Bangladesh. We need to be careful now. Our awareness can keep our country safe, to keep us healthy. '

"By following some simple steps, I think we can be free from this disease and keep our country safe from it. For example, washing hands with soap, maintaining social distance, adhering to proper etiquette when coughing and if someone is returning from abroad, he must keep himself at home and make sure not to leave the house. "

"At the same time, you have to remember that your relatives or outsiders should not come to meet you. It is important to stay in quarantine for 14 days."

This left-handed all rounder thinks that if everyone do this sacrifice for themselves it will help everyone and he requested to everyone to follow this steps.

"Hopefully everyone will hear my words and try to follow them. Also, be aware of the directions given by the Government of Bangladesh, Health Organization, World Health Organization and try to follow those action accordingly."

"Since time is not in our favor, I will request that everyone abide by these rules."

"Because this little sacrifice can save our family, keep our family healthy and keep us healthy."

Shakib Al Hasan also requested to everyone to not be panic and store three, four or six months food for themselves. He also assured that everyones right step towards this situation can help everyone out from this epidemic.

"I must say, do not panic. I don't think it can produce any good results. I have seen in the news that many are collecting food for three, four or six months."

“I think there will never be a food crisis. None of us will die without eating. So we should not be panic. Our right decision can protect us from it. And that is only possible in our collective effort. Hope everyone is well and no one will travel or leave the house without need."