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BBPL 2020

There won’t be any Universe Boss- Gayle





Photo: Image : Cricfrenzy

 || CF Correspondent ||

West Indian left-handed opener Chris Gayle said won’t be any universe boss coming up in this decade.

Gayle added that he is confident that someone else will come and light the show in the coming days and  will be the next superstar in the T20 market.

‘’There won’t be any Chris Gayle or any Universe Boss. There will always be one and there won’t be another one like me,’’ said Gayle.

‘’In order to get your status you have to go around the globe, you have to build your name, perform in all kinds of conditions and I’ve done my fare bit as well. I’ve nothing to prove and you know where I stand in my cricketing career as well,’’ je said.

‘’So just for them to follow in that footstep as well. Most of them don’t get the opportunity for their international cricket career as well. So lot of them don’t get a chance as well to play around the world as most play international cricket,’’ he said

‘’There are so many new players on the market. Its difficult to find just one person. At some stage you are always going to have a new generation come around. They need to set the T20 stqago alight, build legacy and their name as well and then they can be the next superstar as well. The world is like a cycle, we come and we go,’’ he said.

Gayle is currently in Bangladesh to take part in the ongoing Bangabandhu Bangladesh Premier League for Chattogram Challengers.