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BBPL 2020

Bangladeshi cricketers should eat more meat- Delport





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 || CF Correspondent ||

South African batsman Cameron Delport advised Bangladeshi cricketers to eat more meat in order to earn the muscle required to do well in the Twenty20 format.

According to the South African who is featuring in the different T20 leagues the reason behind South Africa hitting lies in the fact that they learn their cricket through playing cricket.

‘’Eat more meat [to hit over the boundary line],’’ said Delport.

‘’I think it how you brought up,’’ he said adding that Bangladeshi players need to focus on their fitness.

‘’I suppose work hard that comes with dedication and being fit. You have got to work hard and practice and the result will come,’’ he said.

Delport said that South African are usually better hitters as they learn cricket playing in true bounce.   

‘’It does not bounce here much the ball keeps low. I think in South Africa there is true bounce. I think it’s how you brought up. All the South Africa is big hitter because of true bounce.

Delport said that from early-stage he liked to hit and there is no reason now that he will change his style.

‘’I think that’s what I have done throughout my whole career since I started playing cricket[ playing cricket aggressively],’’ said Delport.

‘’I always muscle the ball and played some risky shot. Maybe not the right way to play but I am not going to change,’’ he said.