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McKenzie urged his charges to follow Graeme Smith





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|| CF Correspondent ||   

Bangladesh batting consultant Neil McKenzie said that they have encouraged Tigers to follow someone like Graeme Smith as he is unorthodox but effective.

"We’ve also encouraged them to look at someone like Graeme Smith, who was unorthodox in a different way, and just trust those methods," McKenzie was quoted in Telegraph.

"If that’s your strength, have faith in what you do. A lot of these guys are unorthodox in some of the parts that they hit the ball, which is a positive. A guy like Smith, you bowl straight to him and he hits you through the leg-side. Most guys are just blocking it whereas he is squeezing it for two runs. That is what I mean by unorthodoxy, making it work for you."

McKenzie believe that they are not posting over 300 runs due to the wickets at their own backyard.

‘’A lot of it is the nature of the [Bangladesh] wickets. You don’t generally get those big scores," McKenzie was quoted on Telegraph when he was asked why his side struggle to reach 300-plus scores in the past.

 "What I have picked up from the guys however is that they are very, very clean and consistent strikers of the ball,’’ he said.

‘’They have more of the skilled hitting side of things rather than the West Indian hitting to row Z type of players."

"We are really focusing on the Bangladesh strengths, that skilled hitting, trying to hit some space and go with what we have in terms of a talented bunch of skilled hitters," said McKenzie. "We have tried to improve their handling of the short-pitched bouncy ball, for example, and just given the guys options. I think the biggest thing that [head coach] Steve Rhodes and we look for is that there is not one way to get a job done. So if it’s going to be unorthodox but it is going to be effective we will go along with it,’’ he said.