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Dave Richardson speaks

ICC chief lays down the line on tampering





Photo: No place for abuses in cricket [pic via getty]

CEO of International Cricket Council Dave Richardson has cleared the conception of what constitutes of ball-tampering while also adding that going overboard with sledging isn’t what the gentlemen’s game is all about.

Richardson was of the opinion that the recent behavior in cricket needs to stop as it outs the game in jeopardy. He also added that the image of cricket that ICC wants to portray to the world is missing.

"Cricket's DNA is based on integrity, but we have seen too much behavior of late that puts that in jeopardy and this has to stop," Richardson said.

"Sledging that amounts to no more than personal abuse, fielders giving send-offs to batsmen who have been dismissed, unnecessary physical contact, players threatening not to play in protest against an umpire's decision and ball tampering.

"This isn't the version of our sport that we want to project to the world."

 Meanwhile, Richardson also cleared the air about what exactly is considered ball-tampering in today’s cricket. Earlier, Faf du Plessis asked for clarity regarding the issue and Richardson had only a simple thing to say: using foreign substance intentionally to alter the condition of the ball is tampering.

"Over the last few months I have read comments from players requesting guidance what is allowed in relation to the ball," Richardson added.

"They have asked if they can chew gum, wear sunscreen or drink a sugary drink.

"To be brutally honest I find this a little disingenuous. The laws are simple and straightforward: do not change the condition of the ball using an artificial substance.

"If you are wearing sunscreen, sucking a mint or chewing gum with the intent of using the cream or the sugary saliva on the ball you are ball-tampering.”

He also added that while players won’t be asked to stop chewing gums or wearing sunscreen, they shall refrain from complaining should they be caught using those substances to change the condition of the ball.

"You may not always get caught - and we are not going to stop players from chewing gum or wearing sunscreen - but if you are, then don't complain."