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ICC delights for IPL's media deal



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The Indian Premier League (IPL) recently held a record-breaking e-auction for media rights for the 2023-27 cycle as Viacom obtained the digital rights for INR 20,500 crores, while Star secured the TV rights for INR 23, 575 crores, bringing the total sum per IPL game to an eye-popping INR 107.5 crores.

The ICC believes that the results present positive signs for the game’s future, and added that the numbers generated weren’t surprising, given the game’s popularity, especially in India.

"I think more than anything we're delighted," Sunil Manoharan, the ICC's vice-president media rights, said. "Ultimately to see cricket is so popular and so strong in the strongest market in the world, it's fantastic news for everyone."

Anurag Dahiya, the ICC's Chief Commercial Officer, said: "Expectations have not been changed. We've long felt that IPL values would be in that range. It wasn't a surprise. It was a good affirmation of our sense of where the market is and the value of premier cricket rights in that market,”

"I think the IPL process has amply demonstrated that there is a huge appetite for rights. Some of the players have been successful in some of the bids. Clearly there are resources available with both successful and unsuccessful bidders in that process.”