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Pat Cummins

Cummins: Cricket moving towards world football model



Photo: Pat Cummins

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Australia captain Pat Cummins believes the Indian Premier League (IPL) has ended the monopoly of international cricket on players' time.

Cummins feels that persuading players to prioritize national duty over franchise cricket will become increasingly challenging in the future.

“It’s been coming for a while, but I think it is here now. International cricket doesn’t have a monopoly on players’ time, like it did in the past," said Cummins.

"The IPL changed that a decade ago, but there’s just going to be more and more content that creeps in, so I think we’ve got to be proactive about that," 

Cummins wants his teammates to consider national duty bigger than anything else but said that would be a challenge in these times of cash-rich franchise-based leagues.

“We have to keep making playing for Australia as special as we can, keeping a high performance to get every single player wanting to play for Australia as much as we can. That’s going to be the challenge.

“I think it’s upon us now, and we’ve got to start thinking about that quite deeply. I think fast-forward a few years time, a 12-month international calendar might look a little bit different,” he added.