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Shakib creates new controversy after invading field



Photo: Shakib al Hasan

|| CF DESK ||

Fortune Barishal batters were getting prepared to take the strike, right before that captain Shakib al Hasan entered the field and asked the batters to return to the pavilion, then he got involved in an argument with the umpires which lasted for five minutes before the match started.

Barishal's team manager Sajjad Ahmed Shipon later revealed that Shakib invaded the field when he saw Rangpur Riders change their bowlers before the beginning of their innings as he was not happy with the abrupt change in bowlers.

So, he wanted Anamul Haque Bijoy to take the strike instead of Chaturanga De Silva.

“According to the rules, the batters can decide who will take the strike after seeing the bowler. In this case, seeing Sheikh Mahedi coming to bowl, Shakib wanted Anamul Haque Bijoy to take the strike instead of Chaturanga de Silva. But the umpire was not agreeing to allow it, so he entered the field to talk about it,” 

Shakib has already gotten into a controversy after shouting over the square-leg umpires for not giving a wide during the match between Fortune Barishal and Sylhet Strikers. 

The incident took place in the 16th over of the match, Rejaur Rahman Raja bowled a short pitch delivery which seemed to have bounced enough for the umpires to call it a wide.

However, the umpires did not signal the extra upon which the all-rounder went on to scream at him and suggested that it was clearly a wide, gesturing with his hand.