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India-New Zealand series

Shastri urges India to appoint new T20 captain



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Former India coach Ravi Shashtri believes India need to appoint a new captain for the T20I side after their remorseful exit from the T20 World Cup.

"I think for T20 cricket, there's no harm in having a new captain, because the volume of cricket is such that for one player to play all three formats of the game is never going to be easy," said Shastri.

"Rohit is already leading in one-days and test matches. There's no harm in identifying a new T20 Captain, and if his name is Hardik Pandya, so be it."

The former all-rounder was impressed about how England transformed into a white-ball juggernaut and won the T20 World Cup on Sunday to become the first team to hold both the 50-overs and 20-overs global titles at the same time.

"They sat down and said 'We are going to change our resources, we are going to identify the best players for the format, whether it's T20 or 50-overs cricket, and if it meant certain senior players had to sit out, so be it," 

"They got in youngsters who were fearless, who could adapt to that pattern of the game without having to change too much,"

"It's a template that can be followed easily. India has got a wealth of resources, and I think it can start now, from this tour."