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Bangladesh-Pakistan series

Rizwan backs their T20 WC powerplay tactics





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Wicketkeeper-batsman Mohammad Rizwan said he has a basic idea of the upcoming series against Bangladesh and what to expect in terms of conditions, but that he will analyze the scenario after viewing the field.

Rizwan has quickly become a fan-favorite ever since his introduction on the international stage. From his small rugged posture to his ability to turn up for the national team despite being ill, there is a lot to love about the player.

"You will find conditions to be different everywhere. Before the World Cup, the pitches were gripping, spinning, and turning, the conditions were very difficult. However, we will assess the conditions and the pitch tomorrow when we go to the ground. We have an idea as to what the pitch will be like but we still need to see the preparations ground staff has done in regards to the pitch," Rizwan said.

During the T20 World Cup, Pakistan had a definite plan to not lose any wickets in the Powerplay, which Babar Azam and Mohammad Rizwan executed to near perfection.

Many, on the other hand, were critical of the strategy of not taking calculated chances with the majority of the fielders in the circle. Rizwan responded to the concerns by explaining the complete plan.

"Powerplay was our strength. It was being said by others, not just by us. We used to keep wickets in our hands and utilised the last overs with the help of our power hitter. If we look at others, those who started with power hitters also mostly ended their Powerplays at 42, 43, or 44 runs. If we take out the average, we also managed to finish ours at around the 40-run mark and without losing a wicket," the 29-years older said.

"We tried executing a certain plan. People might get phased because we don't hit a lot of sixes in the Powerplays. I request everyone to compare our performances in the Powerplay and see how many times we lost a wicket and compare our oppositions and how many times did we get a breakthrough in their Powerplays," he added.

Mohammad Rizwan was suffering from a lung problem and severe chest infection before the crunch semifinal match against Australia. However, the player marched on and made himself available for selection.

Speaking about his recovery, Rizwan said that he will be joining the practice from tomorrow after having rested.

"I was having trouble breathing beforehand but things have improved massively for me now. I have been resting since the World Cup because the physio and the doctor recommended that to me. However, I will continue training from tomorrow," Rizwan concluded.