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Wasim: Can't tolerate misbehaviour



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Veteran Wasim Akram revealed the demanding nature and misbehavior that has crept amongst followers of the sport in the nation has kept him away to coach the Pakistan national team.

The 1992 World Cup winner Akram did state that he will be always there to assist the cricketers at any time when they want him.

"When you become the coach, you need to give at least 200 to 250 days a year to the team and that's a lot of work. I don't think I can manage so much work away from Pakistan, from my family. And as it is, I spend time with most of the players in the PSL, they all have my number and they keep asking for advice," Akram said in the interview to Cricket Pakistan.

Akram also cited misbehavior by fans as a reason for him to not think about coaching the national team.

"I am not a fool. I keep on hearing and seeing on social media how people misbehave with their coaches and seniors. The coach isn't the one playing. The players are the one playing. The coach can only help with the planning. So, if the team loses, I don't think the coach is as responsible or accountable as we hold him as a nation,” he said.

"So, I'm afraid of that as well, because I can't tolerate anyone misbehaving with me. And we are becoming like that. I love the people, their enthusiasm and passion for the game, but not the misbehavior that is shown on social media. It shows what we are. I have never seen this happen in other countries." Akram added.