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Papon urges to vote right candidates in BCB elections





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Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) president Nazmul Hasan Papon has urged everyone to vote for the right and worthy candidates in the BCB election, which is going to be held on October 6.

Papon's second term as BCB president expired in September, according to BCB the elections must be held within 45 working days of the term's completion. However, with the T20 World Cup set to take place from October to November, elections will be held just a week after Papun's term ends.

“I think there are a lot of new faces. They will also be able to contribute to the board. I will make a request to you, please forget which team, which group, keep everything aside and vote for the right person who is ideal for cricket. This is a request. It doesn't matter who loses or who wins because we are all one,” said Papon on Wednesday.

Through this election, 23 board directors will be elected for the next four years. They will be elected by the votes of 174 councilors.

Also, the new president of the board will be chosen by the votes of the newly elected directors.

Earlier, Papon was appointed as the BCB president in October 2012. He became the president again without contest in 2013.

Following, he also had no rival in the 2017 elections. However, this time the BCB boss is taking part in the election as a director.