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CA yet to make final decision on Afghanistan Test



Photo: AFP

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Cricket Australia CEO Nick Hockley stated on Wednesday that the decision to stage the one-off Test against Afghanistan rests with the Australian federal government.

Hockley also said that the international cricket community is working towards understanding the implications of the Taliban taking over Afghanistan.

"It's an extremely challenging and complex situation," Nick Hockley, Cricket Australia's chief executive, told SEN radio.

"There are so many layers to it and it really does transcend cricket. The situation as it stands today, is that Afghanistan is a full member of the ICC, they're due to play in the T20 World Cup, but we're working very closely and having all the right discussions with the ICC, with the Australian government and ultimately we'll take our lead from them. We don't yet have answers but we're in dialogue and taking advice from all the relevant organisations," he added.

One of the major concerns from a sporting context is what happens to the female programs with the Afghanistan Cricket Board has recently started a women's team. Under ICC rules, member nations have to provide equal access to the sport for males and females.

"I think it's something that is being keenly followed and observed," Hockley said. "I think here in Australia, we've been a real driving force in growing cricket for women and girls,” he said.

"Absolutely we want to see cricket for women and girls growing and strong all around the world. As I said previously, obviously the current situation is very new, international cricket is working to understand the implications, but it is something we will continue to watch very closely," he added.