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The Hundred

ECB announces playing conditions for the Hundred



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The England Cricket Board (ECB) has come up with some new rules for the The Hundred. For example, overs-a set of six balls— won’t exist in a competition like The Hundred. There will be fives-set of five ball overs; however, they won’t be called overs but Fives. A bowler can only bowl two set of fives and once he is done with these, the umpire will show the white card.

There are a few other changes, such as the coin toss will take place on a stage set aside for the DJ. This will be the only time DRS will be used in English domestic cricket; no county games have the facility. Teams will face harsh punishment if their overrates are slow; they will lose their one fielder beyond the circle.

The spectators will be intimated by the Public Announcer. In case of rain, Duckworth Lewis will come into play which will take into account the balls faced, and not the overs bowled.

Points will be shared in case of rain. But in case of a knockout match, a super five will take place to break the deadlock. Another super five can be used if the first instance sees a tie-like the 2019 World Cup final.

The first edition of The Hundred is set to begin on July 21. But also, a major setback for the organizers, as several international and domestic players have withdrawn from the event owing to injury and COVID-19 concerns.

The tournament's eight competing teams confirmed their replacements on Friday, July 2.