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Don’t divide us, seniors urged fans

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Don’t divide us, seniors urged fans
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|| CF Correspondent ||

Bangladesh four senior cricketers- Tamim Iqbal, Mashrafee bin Mortaza, Mahmudullah, Mushfiqur Rahim- urged fans not to get divided by giving preference to their favourite players.

Tamimian, Sakibian, Mashrafeean are quite active in the social platform and it is often seen while supporting their stars they attack others in their respective platforms.

Tamim spoke about the issue during his last Facebook live show where he brought Mashrafee along with Mushfiqur and Mahmudullah on Saturday.


‘’Now you see that every cricketer has a group of fans. Tamimian, Mushfiqian, Mashrafian. It is natural that all the spectators will have their own favourite players. But I sometimes wonder that because of this group often one starts attacking the other from time to time. Now I don't know exactly how much of this attack is right. But I urge you [fan] not to make this attack. Keep it as a group, we all play for Bangladesh, everyone is friend-brother. So you also become such friends and brothers. Tamim's supporters will insult Mushfiqur or Mushfiqur's supporters will insult Tamim, please don't do this,’’ said Tamim.

Mashrafee echoed the same sentiment.

‘’It has been in my head for a long time. I agree with this. We can harm ourselves. Outsiders will not come and harm us. It's a big loss. Today, whoever likes me is insulting Tamim, whoever likes Mushfiqur is insulting me. Actually who we play for, we play for you guys, we play for Bangladesh. If you guys want to insult then insult all of us. For the match scold every one of us,’’ said Mashrafee.

‘’Of course, there will be criticism. But do not insult anyone in particular. Seeing that Mushfiqur played well today, you can't insult ten other people. Each supporter has a different choice of player. This doesn't mean that it should be shown in public. Every one of us is playing for Bangladesh, we are playing for you. Have a fanbase of different players, but don't do things like disrespecting others or dragging someone down. These are very disgraceful. Cricket is a gentleman's game. I'll hope that our fans will always be with us,’ he said.

Mahmudullah said there is no point throwing mud on each other.

‘’In fact, there is no benefit in throwing mud towards each other. It falls on its own. Everyone has a favourite player. That doesn't mean that I will dislike others. One thing to always remember, there is no alternative for good. If you do a good job, you will get good results. You will get respect in return for respecting someone, will never get disrespect. Keep these things in mind,’’ said Mahmudullah.

Mushfiqur echoed the same sentiment.

‘’We represent the Bangladesh team. Many times we succeed, many times we don't. That does not mean that the team is losing for one or the team is winning because of one. In my opinion, we are all equal in the team. The spectators, the media are all part of it. Even if we win, we all win together, even if we lose, we all lose together. Respect is very important and I think respect should be given to everyone. I will never want my fans to say something bad to Tamim, Riyad Bhai, Shakib, Mashrafe Bhai. Even I can't accept it. I think everyone will take care of these things,’’ he said.


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