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Apu stands besides Narayanganj people, Tamim contributes





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|| CF Correspondent ||

Bangladesh left-arm spinner Nazmul Hossain Apu is helping a lot of underprivileged people in his home town, Narayanganj which is considered as one of the hot spots of coronavirus patients in Bangladesh.

National left-arm spinner took the initiative to provide food assistance to the poor families in the city that has been the epicentre of the outbreak in Bangladesh. Of the total coronavirus infected in Bangladesh, 18.68 percent are from Narayanganj. In Bangladesh till evening reported a total cases of 621 and a total of 34 deaths. As a resident of Narayanganj Apu started to provide food to the 700 families. Where later Tamim got involved to help Apu for his welfare work.

“The situation in our area is very critical. We trying to do our best. But we do not have enough funds. I am looking after 700 families. It was getting tough for me to help so many families at a time. That’s why I decided to inform Tamim Bhai and he right away said why not. He has helped us with the donation. We have distributed some [food] and preparing to do more,” Api informed the media.

Narayanganj district has been locked down fully by the Bangladesh Government as it is one of the main places from where coronavirus disease is spreading throughout Bangladesh.

Apu also feels that local residents always want to go outside from their home as they are not used to live like this.

Due to the coronavirus, many cricket players are standing beside the underprivileged people of the country. Tamim has been relentlessly trying to support those who are trying to provide assistance. He at first took the initiative to form a relief fund where 27 other national cricketers contributed their 50 percent of the salary and later arranged a fund from first-class cricketers and contribute it to CWAB [ cricketer's Welfare Association of Bangladesh ]. On Saturday Tamim also announced his assistance to a local non-profit organization to provide food to 300 families.

"Nazmul [Apu] told me that the people in his area are struggling. He was doing to his ability but he needed fund to help more people. He called and I did the best I could. Similar way I worked with an NGO yesterday to provide food to 300 families," said Tamim.

Another former player Rony Talakdur has put his helping hand to the people of Narayanganj as he tried to give food to 500 families through his organization named ''.