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Rubel wants government relief goods in every home





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|| CF Correspondent ||

Bangladesh paceman Rubel Hossain said that all government relief goods should be sent to everybody home.

Dut to coronavirus pandemic the lower middle class of the country is suffering the most as they living is mostly depend on day to day earnings. A large number of people is seen gathering in the same place to get relief foods in this time which should not be the case in terms of coronavirus because of social distance ruling.

The right-handed pacer Rubel posted on his Facebook page was upset seeing this and want everybody to come forward in this troubled time

" It is not the time to criticize anybody. The country is in huge trouble at the moment. This country belongs to us. We all have to give foods to the lower class people in their home’’ Rubel said.

‘’During election if government can give voting flyers to everyone's home. Then why they can not provide relief goods at home." He remarked

Rubel is one of the many cricketers who have helped the poor people in time of coronavirus pandemic.