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I have always wanted to be on the field to play: Soumya





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|| CF Correspondent ||


Gazi Group Cricketers opener Soumya Sarkar said that he is not going to be in full rest, as the Bangabandhu Premier Division Cricket League has been postponed their second round of matches amid coronavirus epidemic.

Because of the outbreak of coronavirus sports events all over world has been shattered. On Monday(16 March) Bangladesh Cricket Board announced the postponement of the second round of the league match, which was scheduled to be played on 18 and 19 March. But the matches will be rescheduled by BCB on a convenient time now.

Soumya thinks that personal safety is very important and everyone should be careful as the virus is showing an alarming situation all over the world. But as a player he prefers to be in the field playing not resting, so he consider to be in shape and continue to work for fitness so that when the he gets the green signal he can start to play for his team.

He said to the reporter that, “Just one day gone. Played yesterday also. One round has been postponed. Hope that the people of the country stay healthy. Staying healthy is the key. We will get to play if we stay well. In the meantime I will be busy with fitness work,” He again added that, “There are many people who see more of their personal safety, so it's a personal matter. But as a player, I've always wanted to be on the field, to play. Since a virus panic is going on, as soon as the situation get better it will be good for us,” Soumya said in an interview.

Soumya also said that, “It's just one day. Our team informed us that only a game has been left behind. So, we all are focusing to our fitness and do our practice personally. Whenever they will say that the game starts, I will get back into the game.”

Earlier this left handed batsmen scored 49 of 51 balls for his team Gazi Group Cricketers who got beaten by Prime Bank in their opening match. And now he is eyeing for his return match.

We want to return on the field as players. Since making this decision for a virus, it's a good thing obviously. So as soon as this thing is recovered, we can get on the field. That's it,” He said.

Speaking about Pakistan tour Soumya said that they were more focused on the Premier league and will be on field as soon as the outbreak is gone.