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World Cup 2019

Fielding: An Achilles' heel for Bangladesh





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|| CF Correspondent ||

Bangladesh needs to put up a much better show as a fielding unit if they want to challenge their Asian rivals India and Pakistan in their remaining two matches as it is turning out to be concerning area for Tigers.

 In modern Cricket the importance of fielding is undeniable and the old proverb “catches win matches” is turning out to be even more true with passing days in the shorter format as absolute good catch or a diving effort in the boundary to save two runs can change the course of the game altogether considering it change the body language.

Ben Stokes, Ravindra Jadeja, Sheldon Cottrell, Glen Maxwell, Martin Guptill has been the extraordinary fielders in this World Cup so far as through their fielding effort they had left their mark but comparing to them from Bangladesh there is hardly anyone to match them.

In this World Cup fielding has played a major part. Bangladesh gave away 60 runs through misfield in this World Cup, which is the second highest in terms of giving runs through misfield.

Afghanistan is at the top of this giving away 101 runs extra because of misfield and at the bottom of the point table. Sri Lanka gave away 57 runs because of bad fielding and surprise entry is South Africa, who gave away 54 runs because of misfielding which is a major cause behind their early exit from this World Cup.

Those who did badly in fielding are already out of the World Cup or in contention to get out of the World Cup. The team who did well in fielding are at the top half of the point table.

Australia are at the top of the point table as they leaked 42 runs because of misfield and they are at the seventh position in terms of giving away runs through misfield.

New Zealand gave away the lowest runs because of misfield with 34 runs coming from bad fielding. England also gave away same amount of runs as New Zealand but they are in a spot of bother in terms of point table position.

From Bangladesh only Mehidy Hasan Miraz are among the top fielders with saving 18 runs. Sheldon Cottrell are at the top of the list as he saved 37 runs, Australian Glenn Maxwell are at the second position, saving 31 runs.

Bangladesh fielding coach Ryal Lyall Cook said senior members who are playing for Bangladesh for a long period of time, gives their effort more in batting and bowling. Though he will never question anyone’s work ethics as he said players need to work on that zone where they need to improve.

“We have a set of players who have been playing cricket for past 15-16 years. They know everything they should do in the field.  But fielding does not get as much as priority like batting or bowling does.”

“I won’t question their work ethics. Everyone has their strong and weak point. So someone has to improve their ability of taking a catch while some other has to improve in ground fielding or throwing. They have to keep that mind set of improving area where they are lacking”

Cook sees physical structure as a main reason behind the lack of consistency in Bangladesh’s fielding as he said that players need to shine those areas where physical structure plays a less important role.

“Physical ability is a big factor here. I have worked in Big Bash; their players throw balls from boundary line like a bullet. They are naturally athletes. It’s tough to keep up the same strength level like them”

“Our players can improve in throwing balls. Like Rubel did (Maxwell’s run out). Physical structure matters a lot in throwing balls or running faster. But we can better them in throwing accuracy or taking catches”.