World Cup 2023

Pakistan could play their WC 2023 matches in Bangladesh

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There are talks in progress that could see Pakistan playing its 2023 ODI World Cup matches in Bangladesh, according to media reports.

India had refused to travel to Pakistan for the upcoming 2023 Asia Cup. Pakistan was threatening to boycott the Asia Cup, which has forced India to think about using a "hybrid model" for the competition.

Other teams would play their matches in Pakistan under this suggested model, while the Indian team would play its matches abroad.

Currently, Pakistan is reportedly considering the option of holding their World Cup games in a neutral venue.

The General Manager of Cricket for the International Cricket Council (ICC), Wasim Khan, believes that Pakistan might end up playing their 2023 World Cup matches at a neutral venue instead of India.

“I don’t know if it would take place here on in a different country but a neutral venue is highly likely,” former CEO of the PCB said in an interview with a local TV channel.

“I don’t think that Pakistan will play their matches in India. I think their matches will also be held at a neutral venue just like India’s Asia Cup matches,” Wasim added.

Now, Bangladesh is being considered as the neutral venue, where Pakistan could play its World Cup matches as it is close to India and doesn't pose a logisticial challenge to the organizers.