Do not panic: Tamim Iqbal


প্রকাশের তারিখ: 23:32 শনিবার, 21 মার্চ, 2020

|| CF Correspondent ||


Bangladesh national team ODI skipper Tamim Iqbal urges everyone to stay calm in the pandemic crisis situation due to the effect of coronavirus.

Bangladesh government has taken some procedure to increase awareness among people regrading the deadly virus which has already killed around 10 thousand people all around the world.

As Bangladesh is not out of reach from the deadly virus- Tamim, the newly introduced Bangladesh ODI skipper Delivered a message with a video to make people aware and handling the situations in this crisis period.

“Don’t be panicked but everyone has to be careful,” Tami told.

“Coronavirus has been spreading all over the world and Bangladesh is not out of its reach,” he said.

The national team skipper also discussed two acts which has been told to follow to stay safe from the coronavirus.

“Two things are very important to prevent coronavirus- one is, everyone has to be clean and clear. You have to wash hands on regular basis. You cannot touch you eyes and nose. Another thing is, you have to maintain social distance,” Tamim said.

Tamim asked everyone to act responsibly in this pandemic situation.

“To win against coronavirus, we have to be responsible. Unless it’s not very necessary- stay at home, stay away from public gatherings and avoiding public functions.
We have to make this sacrifice for ourselves, family and for the country. We have to be careful for the elderly members of our family,”

“And i will request the ones who have come from to stay in quarantine for 14 days. And follow the rules strictly,”

“Please don’t spread any false news. And don’t listen to those.
Me and my family are trying our best to maintain everything accurately. If everyone follows these rules and regulations of responsibility then we will win this battle” the national team skipper Tamim concluded.