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I was eager to prove the rumor wrong- Saifuddin


প্রকাশের তারিখ: 02:18 বুধবার, 03 জুলাই, 2019

|| CF Correspondent ||

Bangladesh all-round prodigy Mohammad Saifuddin said on Tuesday that he was eagerly waiting to answer his critics who labeled as a cricketer with big-match phobia.

Saifuddin became the talking point of Bangladesh team just ahead of the game against Australia when it was reported he overplayed his injury to avoid the game against Australia, citing it as big-match phobia.

Saifuddin made him unavailable against Australia due to back pain that he sustained during their previous game against West Indies.

According to the reports he neither called the physio after his so-called injury nor did he opt to leave the field for immediate medication as that is expected to be the case in normal circumstances.

Instead he bowled seven overs after sustaining the injury and some senior members were clearly unhappy with the entire episode as they believed he was not in state that he needed to be rested.where as in normal circumstances

‘’It hurts. Few days ago, there was a rumor about me that I don’t want to play against the big teams because of fear and for this I give excuses,’’ said Saifuddin, who scored his maiden World Cup half-century against India.

‘’This controversy heated me up, I wanted to win match on my own against a big team and wanted to the hero.  This thought came into my mind from the first ball to last ball that faced against India, I wanted to win the match.  So that, I can prove this rumors wrong.  For this, I tried from the first ball till the last ball.  But unfortunately it didn’t happen,’’ he said.

‘’We players have nothing to do other than this. We have to give answers of everything on the field.  Other than this, we don’t have any way to give our answers. So, we try to give all the answers by our performance on the field,’’ he added.

‘’I had a lot of desire to win this match for my team. It was like a “sky falling down over my head” type of feeling.  It’s natural to feel bad in this type of situation because we are out of the World Cup,’’ he said.

‘’Before today’s match we thought we could make it to the semifinal if you win these two matches. Its very natural, if any other player was in my position, he would have felt sad too,’’ he concluded.